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Pool Plaster Mix

A swimming pool plaster mix is an extremely dense mortar mix. Both the aggregate (sand) and the cement powder have been substituted in this mix recipe as swimming pool interior finishes must be as dense as possible to create a water resistant coating.

Traditional cement powder is extremely fine as well as water soluble so the texture is not the problem. Most swimming pool plasters are white or pigmented white cement powder which is not possible with gray colored cement powder. Even a small amount of gray cement powder mixed with solid white aggregates would cause the entire mix to turn gray.

This mix is extremely prone to staining and even a single leaf resting on the concrete as it cures will leave a damaging brown stain that could only be removed with acid or by sanding the area.

Swimming Pool Plaster Mix

2 parts 00 grade white pool sand
1 part federal white cement
1.25 parts water
1 percent by water volume glue / bonding agent
2% by volume hydrated calcium to increase the initial set speed of the mortar if required

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