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This website explains how to mix concrete for various purposes. This information covers basic concepts as well as advanced concrete applications and mixes including lightweight concrete, modified concrete (high strength) and more...

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Not a scientific study, this information on concrete mixing is intended to provide a working level knowledge of concrete. From reading you will learn how, why and what materials you can use to make concrete for various applications as well as an understanding of the benefits and limitations of the concrete itself.

Concrete Mixing

When learning to mix concrete the most basic principle to grasp is that ratios are very important. The amount of cement powder, aggregates and water that you use in your mix will be mixed by proportion - usually by volume or weight. The more closely you adhere to the ratio of sand, cement and water, the more reliable your finished concrete will be. The amount of water that you add is especially important as this will directly impact the finished strength of the mix.

Nearly as important as the ratios of materials you use is the method in which you mix the materials together. There are a number of different methods to mix concrete and the method that you choose will depend largely on the size of your concrete project, your concrete finishing ability and your familiarity and comfort level with tools. You can mix concrete with:

-by hand in a small bucket (very small batches)

-by shovel on a piece of level plywood (good for dry mixes)

-By shovel in a wheelbarrow (good for medium batches and wetter mixes but labour intensive)

-By drill and "whip" in a large plastic bucket (good for medium batches and optimal method for most mortars and grouts)

-In a concrete drum mixer (good for large loads that contain larger aggregate since mortars tend to not mix well in drum mixers)

-In a mortar / paddle mixer (optimal method for large loads of mortars, grouts and some concretes

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